The benefits of regular grooming

Regular grooming for your dog is a must.  It establishes a trusting bond between you, and makes it easier for you to detect any changes in behaviour, any lumps, bumps or ticks and to keep your dog’s coat matt free and healthy.

You can use a slicker brush, pin brush or bristle brush on your dog’s coat. Be careful never to brush too hard as this can cause ‘brush burn'.   Regular brushing promotes excretion of natural oils  making the coat healthy, and keeps it knot free. 

Always use specially formulated dog shampoo but never bathe a dog with matted hair; this tightens matts and could cause skin problems.

A professional groomer will give your dog a 7 point health check at the start of the groom :

1. Eyes—bright and clear

2. Nose—moist with no discharge

3. Mouth—healthy teeth and gums

4. Ears– clean with no unpleasant odours, soreness or discharge

5. Skin and coat—checking for fleas and   parasites

6. Pads and nails—no splits in pads, no matts or soreness between toes.  Nails healthy.

7. Anal glands and genital area— checked for unusual lumps

 With regards to coat clipping and scissoring - should you wish to attempt this at home it is strongly advised that you attend an 'Introduction to Grooming' course, such as the one offered at Plumpton College